I Joined a Sock Club!

I finally joined a sock club!  I decided to join the Rockin’ Sock Club this year and the first shipment was sent out a few days ago.  Sadly it looks like I won’t get mine until Monday.  I’ve known for nearly a year that I wanted to join a sock club but they were all sold out last year!  I completely forgot about it and some of my other options were already sold out before I remembered to sign up.  Luckily I managed to find a good one that was still taking members.

I wanted to join a sock club for two main reasons: to force me to use other colors and to force me to use other sock techniques.  I have my favorite colors that I always buy and I really need to break out of that.  There could be some really great yarn that I’ve been missing out there.  I’ve also grown very comfortable with toe up socks using the fleegle heel.  I’d like to at least try some other techniques to see if I like them.

Here’s to hoping the sock club will help me find new colors and techniques!  I’ll let you know how it goes through out the year!!


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(Very Late) Year-End Wrap Up

Alright so it’s time to wrap up 2012.  I wanted to do this weeks ago but my internet has not been cooperating at all.  I finally went out and bought a new router this weekend and finally my internet is back where it should be!

Last year I spent a total of $1,206.33 on my knitting with the breakdown available on my 2012 Knitting Costs page.  This was a lot lower than I expected.  I think the main reason is that I already had a decent size stash and didn’t end up buying as much yarn as I have in the past.  I also got a lot of Christmas presents for knitting supplies in 2011 that covered most of what I wanted.

I made eight Christmas presents and spent a total of 103 hours on them.  You can see them on all my 2012 Christmas Knitting page with all the code names linked to the actual gift.  I had quite a bit of fun with those code names so I think I’ll do the same thing this year.  The real question is if I’m going to try to pass the number of hours I spent!

The highlight of the year was going to my first knitting events at Stitches Midwest.  It was my first time taking classes instead of teaching myself!  I had a lot of fun and I’m sure I’ll be going again this year.  I also took a Natural Dye Workshop in Chicago.  I don’t know what I’ll do with this now that I’ve tried it but I’m glad to have the intro into the process.  I have a feeling that it will probably be another year or two before I pursue it much further.  I still have a lot of other knitting goals to hit first!

I do have some missed goals from last year that I’ll be having to make up in 2013! I started the TKGA Master Knitting program but sadly did not finish it. Luckily I have made my progress documented so I can pick it back up again! I also started my first sweater but that will also have to be finished this year as well.

Oops!! I almost forgot.  I also wrote my first two patterns last year: Infinity Drop Stitch Scarf and Basic Knee High Socks!  Plus I did my first two giveaways on this blog: Travelling Roses Scarf and the Beaded Cable Belt.  I did more than I thought last year!


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Art Deco Socks – Code Name: Falcon

Art Deco

Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll Fingering

  • Black (22/50 g)
  • Guava (22/50 g)
Yarn Weight: Fingering
Needles: US Size 2 (3.0 mm) DPNs
Measurements: US Shoe Size 7
Pattern Location: Knit Picks’s Art Deco Socks (heavily modified)
Time Spent: 12 hours
Dates: 12/23/2012 – 12/24/2012

Finally here’s the last 2012 Christmas present, code name “Falcon.” This was my penance project for all of my procrastination.  It was the very first pattern I picked out and I knew I would make it for my sister Lisa, code name Tiger Snake. I was even procrastinating two days before I had to have all the gifts done.  This left me with a pair of socks to complete in one day.  Now, I’d planned on it taking 8 hours so it wasn’t too bad but the 12 hours it actually took did start to get a bit rough.

The pattern is very heavily modified.  I wanted toe up instead of cuff down socks, I wanted to try anklet socks, and I wanted to use my favorite heel technique (Fleegle’s heel).  Sadly I don’t think Fleegle’s heel was the best choice with the pattern.  My original hope was to continue the main pattern on the gusset stitches but I quickly realized this was not working with the location of my increases.  I may have been able to pull it off but not without more planning time than I had left myself with.  The original heel style would have worked better but I’m still happy with how they turned out.

This was the first time I made one sock at a time instead of my usual two socks at once on circular needles.  I decided since I was doing them individuality I wanted them to be a bit different.  I alternated the main and contrast colors on the second sock and made the heel mismatch the toe/cuff on each sock.

This backfired a little bit.  After I realized I had enough yarn for two pairs I wanted to make another pair so that my sister could choose if she wanted the matched or mismatched socks each time she wore them.  I guess it paid off to procrastinate because I definitely did not have enough time for two pairs in one day!



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Pomme de pin Socks – Code Name: Eagle

Pomme de Pin Socks

Yarn: Dragonfly Fibers Djinni Sock, Velvet Underground – 63/100g
Yarn Weight: Sock
Needles: US size 2 (2.75 mm) circulars
Measurements: US Size 7
Pattern Location: Ravelry’s Pomme de pin socks
Time Spent: 13 hours
Dates: 12/16/2012 – 12/22/2012

This was the seventh 2012 Christmas present, code name “Eagle.”  I bought this yarn back in August at the Midwest Stitches convention for my mom, code name Black Mamba.  I knew back then that I’d make her a pair of socks for Christmas.  I didn’t want plain stockinette socks because I’m teaching her how to make those on her own.

The pattern needs a solid color to pull it off completely.  This tonal yarn hid a lot of it especially on the leg portion.  I ended up skipping one of the repeats because it was hard to see the pattern anyway and I was happy with the length it was.

I have enough yarn left over that I’m going to make a basic pair of socks for myself.  I like the feel and color of this yarn.  I’m running out of room to store all my yarn so I want to use up any partial skeins instead of adding it to my stash!


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Xmas Dotty Pot – Code Name: Cuckoo

Xmas Dotty Pot Combo

Yarn: Knit Picks Bulky Wool of the Andes White and Knit Picks Cadena Cranberry
Yarn Weight: Bulky
Needles: US 5 (3.75 mm) DPN and US 8 (5.0 mm) DPN
Size: Small
Pattern Location: Ravelry’s Dotty Pots
Time Spent: 3 hours
Dates: 12/17/2012 – 12/19/2012

This was the sixth 2012 Christmas present, code name “Cuckoo.”  It was the only project where the code names had meaning.  I made it for my friend Laura who is the only non-family member on the list.  Her code name, Scarlet Snake, was chosen because scarlet snakes are non-venomous.  They mimic the appearance of the coral snake which is venomous.  The Cuckoo bird leaves its eggs in another species nest.  These names were a hint that it didn’t quite fit with the others.

This was another dotty put but I used bulky weight yarn for both the pot and the dots.  I cast on a few less stitches so it would still come out the same size as the ones I made for my sister.  Even though it’s a fairly small pot it still managed to hold an entire pound of banana candy!  This time around the candy was the gift but looked sad all alone and needed something to hold it.

When Laura opened it at work she called it her pot of gold and had her little Kermit the Frog sitting on top to guard it. Very adorable.  The candy is long gone so Kermit is now sitting in the pot with his little head sticking out.

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Windansea Hat – Code Name: Hawk


Yarn: Knit One Crochet Too 2nd Time Cotton, Irish Linen – 100/100 g
Yarn Weight: Worsted
Needles: Size 6 (4 mm) circular
Size: Large
Pattern Location: Ravelry’s Windansea Hat
Time Spent: 10 hours
Dates: 12/8/2012 – 12/11/2012

This was the fifth 2012 Christmas present, code name “Hawk.”  I made it for my mom, code name “Black Mamba,” since she wanted this hat or the ridiculously complicated Nightingale socks.  I will make those socks one day but I have a feeling it will be for me.  The hat was still a challenge because I’ve never made a brimmed hat.

The hardest part was finding the “millinery wire” it asked for.  Save yourself some time if you’re looking for this and go on Etsy.  I bought mine from LuLu Deux Millinery; the price was good and the shipping was fast.  I wish I had just gone straight to Etsy instead of trying to find it in any stores around me.  I know people make substitutes but I did not find any substitute I liked.  If I ever make another brimmed hat I will also buy the joiners.  The pattern says to tape the two ends together but a real joiner seems worth it me.

The second hardest part was crocheting an encasing around the wire.  There were a few times the wire was tricky to work with but mostly it was because I’m a terrible crocheter.  I was also very surprised by how much yarn was used up for the encasing.  Again this may just be my lack of experience with crocheting.

The final difficulty was finding a box to wrap it in!  I didn’t want a bag because that would put pressure on the brim and it’d end up slightly misshapen.  Luckily Hobby Lobby had a small collection of hat boxes.  The first one I tried was a tiny bit too small so I ended up buying one that was quite a bit bigger than necessary.  Fortunately my mom really liked the hat box too so it ended up as two gifts in one =)

I do have enough millinery wire left over to make a second hat.  Maybe if my mom decides she needs a lighter weight or different color I’ll make her a second one since I already have the hardest part done!

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Dotty Pots – Code Name: Osprey

Dotty Pots

Yarn: Cascade 220 Seafoam, Knit Picks Bulky Wool of the Andes White, and Knit Picks Merino Style DK Doormouse
Yarn Weight: Worsted, Bulky, DK
Needles: US 4 (3.5 mm) DPN and US 7 (4.5 mm) DPN
Measurements: Small
Pattern Location: Dotty Pots
Time Spent: 7 hours
Dates: 11/24/2012 – 12/14/2012

This was the fourth 2012 Christmas present, code name “Osprey.”  I made two of them for my sister Cindy, code name Cobra, to match her Christmas list kitchen colors.  The first one I made with white “dots” in a heavier weight yarn than the pot.  The second I tried with brown “dots” in a lighter weight yarn than the pot.  I prefer making the dots out of the heavier weight.  I think it gives more stability to the pot and more visibility to the dots.

These two little pots looked very sad all empty so I got two bags of Hersey Kisses: a white chocolate candy cane for the white dotted pot and milk chocolate with almonds in the brown dotted pot.  After that they looked complete but I’m still surprised I was able to fit a whole bag of them in each pot!


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